The word “last” comes from the Old English “laest,” meaning footprint.

A last is a three dimensional form resembling the human foot commonly made from plastic or wood for the purpose of footwear manufacturing. Last silhouettes vary in relation to the finished shoe or boot shape.

All NPS and Solovair lasts have an F width fitting.

Due to the unique nature of our footwear production and last shapes, our sizing cannot be compared with other competitive brands. We strongly recommend customers follow our size guide/foot measuring process before purchasing to find an ideal fit. Please double-check measurements across different styles as size guides may differ.

LAST 409

Our 409 last is a generous fit with a broad round toe and increased toe depth. A good option for the slightly wider foot.

LAST 493

Our 493 last is a slightly more generous than average fit but has a shallower toe box compared to our 5400 and 409 last.

LAST 2488

Our 2488 last has a round / almond shaped toe with a generous fit. 

LAST 5400

Our 5400 last is our widest last shape offering one of the broadest toe box shapes in the collection. A good option for the slightly wider foot.